Natural Gas

Key Stats to Date

Initiated in 2016

$2.5 M Funding Secured

18 Industry Partners

15 Academic Principal Investigators

Production systems must minimize emissions while preserving the attractive economics of gaseous fuel. We are developing technologies to increase the penetration of renewables in gas supplies, and to track emissions with distributed sensors.

Transportation systems must be economical across many scales. We are developing novel liquefaction technologies and infrastructure models for optimized supply chains.

Storage and refueling systems are the source of significant cost, complexity and emissions. We are developing models, simulations, and experimental platforms on liquefied natural gas (LNG) state during storage, transfer, distribution, spills, and leaks.

Conversion of natural gas into useful energy must be efficient with minimized emissions. We are developing the next-generation engine and combustion systems for blended dual fuel combustion, dedicated natural gas engines and emissions catalysis.

Underpinning any responsible alternative fuel adoption is the complete life-cycle assessment of its impact, including greenhouse gas emissions. Our research focuses on economic and emissions modelling of distribution options with complete business case assessment, and decision analysis.


Our researchers are experts in a wide range of natural gas research areas including: energy system modelling, complex system design, chemistry, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, combustions and emissions, economic and emissions modelling, life cycle assessment, and more.

We have developed strong connections with a diverse group of government and industry partners that help maximize both the relevance and impact of our efforts.

We develop our research projects to address our partners interests and concerns. With our world-class researchers and state-of-art techniques, we provide sophisticated models and breakthrough technologies to help our partners lead in natural gas industry.

Collaborating with Natural Gas Futures allows partners to leverage their research investment with matching funds from the federal and provincial programs.