Natural Gas Futures

Developing sustainable solutions for the responsible use of natural gas at the University of British Columbia

Natural Gas Futures is an industry-led applied research and education initiative to provide reliable, evidence-based recommendations and technology solutions for the safe and environmentally responsible use of natural gas.

  • Bridging the gaps between academia, industry, government and the general public
  • Accessing an interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and scientists
  • Pooling funding from industry partners with government matching grants
  • Training future employees and building workforce capacity

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Unique Opportunity at the University of British Columbia


A global platform for renewable energy innovation, a producer of natural gas with low-carbon electricity


Ranked first in the world for university climate action

Campus as a living Laboratory

City-scale testbed for innovative technologies and energy systems

Why Collaborate with Natural Gas Futures

Natural Gas Futures actively collaborates with a wide range of partners and is eager to develop new partnerships that will facilitate the environmental and economical use of natural gas fuel. We are committed to providing viable technologies and solutions in the context of our partners needs and constraints.

To learn more about becoming a partner, please contact:

Tel. 604 827 0790