coupled anaerobic digester and pyrolyzer for co-processing organic waste to renewable natural gas and biochar

We are proposing an integrated AD-pyrolysis system coupling pre-treatment, AD reactor and post-treatment that holds a great potential in improving the carbon conversion efficiency and lowering the biogas and renewable natural gas production cost in large AD systems. Although integrated AD-pyrolysis system was a relatively new approach as an effort to increase the stability of AD reactor and biogas production, it has shown a great promise in increasing the overall energy conversion from 33-50% of single AD reactor to more than 80% in the combined AD-pyrolysis system. 

This project will address the technical and economic challenges in capture and utilization of carbon dioxide in raw biogas, liquid and solids digestate management, and tolerance to high-lignin content feedstock associated with the AD system. The overall objective of this project is to inform the stakeholders about the technologies, economics, GHG reduction potentials and challenges for implementing large-scale AD facilities on the West Coast in order to meet the RNG blending demands and GHG reduction targets.

Lead Researchers

TONY BI, Professor

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

ANTHONY LAU, Professor

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

LORETTA LI, Professor

Department of Civil Engineering

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